Essay: Evaluation of Technology and Environment

Essay: Evaluation of Technology and Environment
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In the Czech Republic, almost all of the digital exchanges are digital, with new communication technologies available throughout the country. Environmentally, Czech Republic does have water and air pollution issues in the Bohemian and Moravian regions with acid rains also affecting forests.

However, currently, efforts are being made to bring the industry up to EU standards, which should improve this situation. The Czech Republic is also a signatory of a number of environmental pacts and enforces all of them (Central Intelligence Agency 2009).

On the other hand, Russia’s major cities suffer from pollution from heavy industry, coal-fired electrical plants as well as transportation. It also suffers from deforestation, soil erosion and contamination from the unregulated application of agricultural chemicals. It is also a signatory and ratifies a number of major environmental protection pacts, and enforces most of them (Central Intelligence Agency 2009).

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