Essay: Evaluative Criticism

Essay: Evaluative Criticism
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The subject matter seems to match up perfectly with the artist’s vision. There is hardly a neglectful brush stroke in this painting. Except for the rocks on the forefront of the painting which seem understandable since the artist wishes to give the feeling of boxing on the subject, there is no need for improvement. The only reason this portion was mentioned was that it seemed unnecessary given what the painting already achieve on its own merits.

Compare and Contrast

Both pieces offer a glimpse of life during the gold rush. They offer two different insights of the environment in California at the time, one of destruction and the other of the piece by focusing on a single individual within the painting. While Logs on Beach seems to suggest a more advanced evolutionary stage given that he is living in a built hut. The other painting shows a more primitive setting of a tent perched on a branch. Both paintings seem to be linked in an environmental message towards the viewer and both admirably bring across that message.

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