Essay: Evolution of Porsche

Essay: Evolution of Porsche
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Evolution of Porsche includes the success story of all the sports car it produced. Porsche sport automobiles gave evidences of maximum triumphs in the history of 24-hour Daytona series of races and 24-hour LeMans races. In the early days of Porsche, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche got in touch with Adolf Hitler for discussions about the Volkswagen design, and a sports car design to take part in 1939 Auto-Union Grand Prix.

The idea was to produce an automobile with expanded utilities as compared to Volkswagen. Applying different valves and cylinders to the same Volkswagen engine and included a new system of fuel injection, enlarged base in wheels, and with a body design in accordance with aerodynamic rules, which lead to the production of a specialized racing car (Porsche AG, 2008).

In 1948 the Porsche design firm changed its location in Kärnten in Austria. There it first made its survival secure by not introducing its own range of vehicles, rather they used to repair and service diverse range of existing automobiles then they began to start working on their racing line of vehicles and other sports vehicles as well (Porsche AG, 2008).

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