Essay: Examination of cooperative education

Essay: Examination of cooperative education
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By way of example of the application of the phenomenological method, Groenewald (2004) described his examination of cooperative education practice by clearly outlining the definition for this term, as well as a definition for the research factor of talent, that he used to guide his inquiry.   He engaged in the purposive selection of his sample, rather than utilizing a random selection method as is common in much quantitative research design, so as to ensure that the phenomenon being studied was within the actual experience of his subjects.

The researcher also obtained voluntary and informed consent from his study subjects after apprising them of the nature of the study and the processes being examined. Some of the research cited described phenomenological research as grounded in a careful examination of the environment and circumstances surrounding the subjects and related to the phenomenon under investigation.  To gather data, Groenewald conducted extensive, in-depth interviews with his subjects that he audio-recorded.  He also utilized “memoing” – the practice of extensive note-taking to record his own feelings, sensations, and thoughts as he was engaging in the subject observations and interviews – which can help the researcher later recall “hunches” or “feelings” the researcher is having during the data-gathering process and can be used to correlate with or clarify elements of that data in the analysis stage.  Additional field notes were written shortly after, and within 24 hours, of the interviews to capture salient themes and to capture material related to observational insights, theoretical material, methodological notes, and the analytical summary notes.

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