Essay: Existence of God

Essay: Existence of God
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The birth of a child requires a collaborative scheme of man and woman which later enables the woman to give birth to a child. If there isn’t any god, what is it that makes a droplet of sperm into a whole physically present human being? Obviously, the answer would be nothing but some force that is hidden and superior in every aspect possible. Science has shown images, documents and various ways to make people aware of the life of humans before birth. The facts that come under discussion and the stages of human embryology are well explained in the holy books which are the sayings of God. The Quran and Bible clearly state the 6 linked stages of a human before birth life. How come these stages are present in these Holy books, which are believed to be written several centuries ago?  The command of nature is not under the control of human or any other being but God. (Adamson, 2009)

Great scientist and philosophers of the past have also discussed the presence of a divine authority which leads and rules every bit of this universe. The formula derived for energy by Albert Einstein is present in the holy book already. Brains of today’s world are aware of the fact that the speed of light can be measured by the formula derived by Einstein, though this fact is already given in the Quran, lack of belief and awareness deprived every thinker of the availability of this fact.

The conclusion would remain indecisive since belief is something that comes naturally. Forcefully, a mind cannot be set to believe a statement. The act of faith is required here. Certainly, if faith is not present, pushing towards the desired belief is unbeneficial for both the believer and the non-believer of these facts.

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