Essay: Expatriate managers and management

Essay: Expatriate managers and management
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This will ensure that expatriate managers do not have to fend for themselves and the company has taken care that everything is transparent and out in the open and that there is no room for ambiguity.

For people who were expatriating, many of them faced a culture shock when they were unprepared with what to expect. According to Aminu Mamman in the book, Expatriate Management – new ideas for international business, the fact that a company’s employees can deal with different cultures is a competitive advantage and is the way to succeed. Therefore cultural interaction is a must to educate employees on the nuances that they will have to deal with when they shift.

The next problem of rising inflation levels and not knowing what to expect upon their return to the home country, the same process applies where the returning expatriates should be trained and briefed about the situation. In many cases, companies send their employees on another assignment in a third country to create truly global managers experienced in many cultures.
With regards to returning employees feeling that they were left on their own and that they were not asked about their experiences relates to the fact that there has been no specific career development in mind with the company, and that the company is not learning from past experiences. In the case of the previous HR Head, Bob Draper, he ignored these signals as he thought that they were the norm. And this has led to the demotivation of expatriates who are beaming with experiential knowledge.

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