Essay: Explain virtual storage on the IBM System i5 Series servers

Essay: Explain virtual storage on the IBM System i5 Series servers
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The IBM i5 Series servers use the Virtualization Engine to view access and manage storage resources across a computing environment. The resources can be accessed virtually, in a single pool, rather than by physical location. The Virtualization engine uses dynamic logical partitioning to provide a company with flexibility to address multiple system requirements in a single machine. It allows for storage adapter and devices to be shared across multiple partitions.

Virtual Storage is the name given to the concept of a set of the object which when used together; imitate tape, CD, DVD or Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) media on the disk units of System i5 services.  This media appears to the servers as an actual media.  When virtual storage is employed, a Virtual Device Description is created to support the virtual storage, in a similar way that an actual device description is needed to support a physical device. Using virtual storage eliminates media errors, increases system availability and security, simple software and data distribution and process of creating copies. A virtual tape drive is the concept of virtual storage that uses virtual tape volume created on server disk unit. This allows the i5/OS to backup data to virtual tape volume on disk rather than actual tape which is considerably slower. IBM also offers Storage Area Network-based virtual storage solutions for IBM i5 Series as well.  These solutions have three main components: The SAN Volume Controller, which combines capacity from multiple disk storage system into a single storage pool, SAN File System, which facilitates the viewing and management of files and file systems from a single administrative control point, and, IBM TotalStorage Productivity Centre which automates the steps necessary to provision storage in a consistent manner. It is important to mention here that benefits in these solutions, such as adding additional space and to replace failing disk subsystems, occurs without the knowledge of host systems or applications, courtesy of TIMI (IBM Corporation, 2009).

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