Essay: Explanations that Shaped Augustine’s Ideas

Essay: Explanations that Shaped Augustine’s Ideas
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These explanations that he had drawn stemmed from Neo-Platonism and Manichaeism which shaped Augustine’s ideas.

One of the most prolific writers of his times, Augustine, travels towards Christianity and his spiritual classics-‘The Confessions’, ‘The City of God’ and ‘Trinity’ where he is scholar, theologian and historian simultaneously. His book ‘The Confessions’ show his account of his journey to God and the work is not only admittance of his sins but is itself a long prayer.

‘Confessions’ holds a vital importance in the history of Western literature and shows true and simple confession of a pious soul. In the personal narrative Augustine relates his rare ascent from an Algerian farm to the powers of imperial court in Milan, his struggle against the domination of lust, his renunciation of secular ambition and marriage and the recovery of the faith with which he was born (Augustine).  Like a Colossus bestriding two worlds, St. Augustine stands as the last patristic and the first medieval father of Christianity in the West. He conserved the motifs of Latin Christianity from Tertullian to Ambrose; he drew Nicene orthodoxy and Chalcedonies orthodoxy into the garb of Christian community of Roman Empire. He also redeveloped the religious philosophy of Greco-Roman world.

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