Essay: Exploration of the New Device

Essay: Exploration of the New Device
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After the release on April 2010, I couldn’t wait to purchase my own iPad. After getting it from the Apple retail store, I went home and settled down to exploring this device. I especially love the iBook and the thrill of flipping through the pages as if I was reading a tangible book.

I also enjoyed the iTunes as I can now watch as many movies as possible. I love the iWork as research compilation is so much easier.

Apple has a feedback service where consumers can write in regarding the gadget they purchased. This may include ease of use, efficiency, software and hardware compatibility, connectivity, enhancement report as well as a bug report. To gauge consumer acceptability, Apple has conducted numerous surveys on the iPad. According to the one carried out by Sybase, 52.3 percent stated that they would use their iPad for work purposes, 48.2 percent said they would use it to watch movies, TV episodes or other videos while 35.4 percent said that they would use it to play online games.

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