Essay: Extrinsic Motivators of Money

Essay: Extrinsic Motivators of Money
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This is because maids who have left have made statements to the effect “I am just tired of working here.” Managers, on the other hand, are not even interested in the causes of the departures, as merely half of them showed up for the meeting in San Diego.

It is said that the hotel offers good wages to maids, a meal a day and access to the pool during off breaks. According to the manager, the wages, benefits and working conditions are good enough, for anyone to stay. However, Kohn Alfred differs; he theorized that if extrinsic rewards like money or praise are the reason to do a certain activity, then the activity will be less enjoyable (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, 2009). Therefore as seen with the case of the motel, the extrinsic motivators of money and use of facilities have not had a positive effect on employees.

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