Essay: The New Face of Digital Publishing

Essay: The New Face of Digital Publishing
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The main attraction of the show which makes it worth the admission is of course the presence of free seminars held over a five day period. These seminars will not only be illuminating for students, people hoping to break into the publishing industry but also successful publishers themselves. As an added bonus the seminars timings usually show them finishing by afternoon giving the attendees plenty of time to attend the fair in the evenings.

The seminars will focus on several topics ranging from getting published, the new face of digital publishing to further a working relationship between the publishers and the authors. The highlight of this program will be the programs which highlight marketing in India. Focusing on important factors related to becoming established in the Indian market. As well as teaching how they can foster cultural relationships with Indian companies. This presentation will be supplemented by the presence of several Indian exhibitors on the show floor. Perhaps one of the most anticipated events at the show is the keynote speech given by Mayor of London Boris Johnson on the last day of the event (Reed Exhibitions Limited).

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