Essay: Factors included in Rich Picture

Essay: Factors included in Rich Picture
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Rich picture is used to help an analyst understand the problem in an organization in its entirety. Rich picture includes all the factors that may influence the problem under consideration directly or indirectly and the analyst includes or removes such factors from the picture in order to determine the main cause of the problem to develop a solution. As it is understood in Soft Systems Methodology (SSM), rich pictures are utilized as a means to represent a situation within an organization and it includes all the hard or soft facts that influence the situation. Rich pictures are a rough method to develop solutions for a problem and to find out the main cause behind the problem.

This is said to be an effective model because it is cost effective and it brings out such facts which cannot be picked up using more formal methods. Therefore, rich pictures model is used in organization to develop a rough idea for the central point of a situation (Darzentas, Darzentas & Spyrou, 1994).

The Rich Picture can also be used when an organization decides to add a new feature in its overall system. The Rich Picture depicts; the functions of the new feature and they integrate with the existing system of the organization, basic elements of the process flow, the factors external to the organization that influence the process flow of the organization, hard or soft information relevant to the project, the types of requirements that the management will need to develop and the primary tasks involved in understanding the requirements types. Rich pictures can be presented using the soft systems approach or the hard systems approach (Mullins, 2009).

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