Essay: Factors included in the Weaknesses of a company

Essay: Factors included in the Weaknesses of a company
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Weaknesses of a company are all those factors that put the company at disadvantage in relation to other companies in the industry. The weaknesses of the company may include; lack of ability of management to deal with multiple tasks at the same time, lack of resources of the company required for implementing upon the undertaken tasks, shortage of personnel with a high level of expertise, and a shortage of experienced personnel in the strategic core of the organization.

These are the common weaknesses found in a number of organizations. Following are the weaknesses in case of Debenhams plc; slow response to the change in the external environment of the company, lack of newness, and in the case of clothing, lack of reflection of the taste of younger women. Debenhams is a very old company and it has gone through a number of mergers and demergers in the past. Therefore the organizational culture of the company has been developed in such a manner that the company finds it hard to adopt any change in the external environment. Changes in external environment may be the change in the technology. The other companies in the industry would adopt the change but Debenhams has an organizational culture that resists the change. Due to the resistance to change, the company lacks newness and still presents an outlook of being an old company. Another significant weakness of the company is that it does not consider the fashion trends before shelving the clothing lines. It has been observed that the clothing shelved at Debenhams does not reflect the fashion trends among younger women.

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