Essay: Failure within Society

Essay: Failure within Society
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Just like these women presented in The Women of Brewster Place found a purpose and meaning to their lives by breaking their subjugation to the society, they must now forge the fairness of society in order to achieve the common good .Is that possible? It is not possible for the common good to happen just by itself. Common good can be peace and community, for each one this element is accessible only if achieved by almost everyone. However it is not easy to create a just society for everyone to achieve freedom and liberalism.

The true meaning of common good can be discovered once we triumph over these obstructions.

This is evident in Dante’s Inferno, in which the reader encounters many characters that are the exact definition of a failure within society. It clearly states that life is not simple. Almost the whole volume can be summed up in a disagreement that clarifies how impossible it is to live a life with meaning and purpose without achieving harmony and the common good. “In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself in a dark wood where the straightway was lost” (Dante, Canto I: 11).

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