Essay: Faith is the Belief in Unseen

Essay: Faith is the Belief in Unseen
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Since faith is the belief in unseen or hoping of the unknown. Religion preaches about the existence of a supreme being whom we should have faith in. Blind faith entails believing without having a basis for that belief. Reason is best used to evaluate biblical principles to enable an individual to have a concrete reason to have faith and believe.

Amidst the tribulations and trials of life, human beings tend to seek answers to life’s challenges in unseen transcendent realm. For human beings to build their faith and allow it to manifest in a supernatural belief, there must be some element of reason that combines with religious faith. Those theologians who conduct studies on human nature and events in their lives achieve only a fraction of the overall picture as far as faith is concerned (Albl, 2009). Without reason, faith cannot achieve much while reason alone can lead to misguided conclusions.

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