Essay: Families with Multiple Generations

Essay: Families with Multiple Generations
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Families which have multiple generations existing share a similar set of customs, beliefs and traditions which in other words are expected to be followed and cherished by the proceeding generations. As mentioned above, liberalism and freedom have changed these beliefs to some extent. The younger generation is rebellious enough to go against these values and can end up leaving their family as well if they have to. Confucianism still exists but was previously believed to be cherished by generations of China itself. (Ebrey 1991)

A male would only play roles that they were supposed to namely being a brother, son, husband or a father but he could not live independently for himself or his family. Neither could he choose his own family. Similarly a female could only be a daughter, mother, sister or a wife but could be an independent woman with her own identity and importance. Family roles or individual roles did not matter when it came to obedience and respect for the elder’s families and values. They were actually gauged from the extent to which they would follow the rules and traditions of the older generations.

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