Essay: Family to Family-Leaving a Lasting legacy

Essay: Family to Family-Leaving a Lasting legacy
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The authors of the book ‘Family to Family’ are not only authors by profession but have been working in different ministries; and it is their services in different spheres of life other than authorship that has shaped their stance to write something on religion and theology. One of the authors, Pipes is the Team leader of the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening team of the North American Mission Board and has been an orator in schools, churches and other significant places. He has been a presenter of war on drugs in H.W Bush’s Administration.

Dr. Pipes are called a typical Texan by many of his contemporaries as he relished ample pride for the state he belonged. He also authored ‘Becoming Complete’ and ‘Building a Successful Family Living’.  The other author Lee has been a veteran journalist and minister where the center of his concern was issues as good family living, sports evangelism, singles ministry and discipleship. Lee wrote profusely in Christian magazines and websites, and also for sports magazines.

The authors state the purpose of the book in the opening lines of the book that the book, ‘Family to Family’, is for those parents who desire ‘meaningful family time’ and want to pass ‘baton of their faith in Christ’ on to their children (Pipes and Lee 1999)

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