Essay: Family by Pa Chin

Essay: Family by Pa Chin
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This paper attempts to look into the ways in which the novel Family written by Pa Chin portrays the rifts between the Chinese society and family in the 1920s. The novel records the community and individual conflicts that were a result of the struggle between the values of the older and the younger generation; women looking towards leading an independent life in that society.

The very first part of the novel describes the conflicts which are dividing the society between education and the military (Chin 15) and the classroom incident between the female and male students. Both these divisions will be discussed in detail.

In customary cultures, much importance is given to family values and respect for the elders. A long history comes its way since the elders want to be respected in any manner possible. However with modernism coming along the way, things have changed and younger generations have conflict in obeying traditions and customers of the elders which in other words are coercively imposed.

The Chinese society tries hard to be a Confucian but there are principles that had enslaved them. This was evident in Pa Chin’ Family which was a story of how the three brothers made progress towards the liberal society. In the transition of each brother a Confucian principle of “respecting and obeying your parent and elders” (Alitto, 1979) gradually disappeared.

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