Essay: The fantasy story of Alice in Wonderland

Essay: The fantasy story of Alice in Wonderland
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The fantasy story gives an account of unusual happenings of the life of Alice. She starts by following a rabbit into a hall in which she becomes big, small and later to her normal size only to find herself in the midst of animals, with whom she has to learn how to communicate to. Just as in the poem, the creativity of the storyteller is seen as he tries to change the size of Alice to attract the audience. The author targets young children and in order not to make them frightened with his story, he corrects the size of Alice immediately after she grows big.

For instance, at first after she eats the cake and grows extraordinarily big, she finds a fan that makes her size back to normal. Secondly, she grows big after being ordered by the White Rabbit to look for his gloves and fan. This size is later corrected after she eats the pebbles that turn into little cakes. Alice undergoes a series of mysterious happenings until at the end when she has to act as a witness in front of a jury. She is ordered by the judge to leave the courtroom because of her extraordinary height, but she declines and is not even afraid of them. It becomes more enjoyable after the audience learns that Alice was only in a dream as she is woken up by her sister to find her face full leaves rather than the cards she was dreaming with (Carroll, 1931).

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