Essay: Fashion Development

Essay: Fashion Development
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According to the theory of Thorstein Veblen, Conspicuous consumption and the fashion of the leisure class, the fashion style is criticized of those who belong to the more wealthy groups as their fashion sense is defined mostly by their sense of economics, consumption and leisure which results in all these individuals being bound to certain fashion styles. Therefore, one would be losing out on the actual fashion style which outlines the fashion individuality of us all. According to the theory proposed by Veblen, the rich lose out as the keep struggling for an identity and in fact are copying those who belong to the lower strata’s of society.

According to Veblen. Fashion development comes through two forms; either through continuous innovation or through the imitation of the lower classes who look up to the rich for inspirational. Hence, it becomes a vicious cycle in which both classes keep striving for an identity, while one uses the influence of money the other is caught in imitation.

According to Veblen, fashion spreads through the members of the leisure class through conspicuous waste, leisure and hence, what comes across is the fact that fashion does not exist in one specific form. There are always varied forms of fashions circulating which are being instigated by different classes and reasons.

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