Essay: Fashion Dynamics

Essay: Fashion Dynamics
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Therefore, fashion is a force which makes use of social distinction and observance. All groups strive for their own identity and a pattern is hence created over time which results in a uniformity. All those conform to this follow a particular fashion and style and since, it is essentially different from the other fashions prevalent it allows these individuals to feel that they essentially are different from the masses.

Hence, fashion is Cleary not simply “fashion” but “fashions” as there are basic differences of current from the past and the class fashions, in which different strata’s of society observe different fashions. And innovation results in the emergence of evolved identities as all “fashions” strive to keep themselves unique.

Hence, this theory outlines an important concept in which a link is created between fashion dynamics and the class differentiation. While the higher class constantly strives to develop its own identity, the less well-off strata strive to imitate the higher classes.

According to Simmel, the basic structure of fashion does not change and it is only through the creation of more modern elements does fashion evolve. These elements result in the differences between the fashions and the variations. For any fashion to hence exist there is no need as such for a justification as long as it is supported by the need to evolve.

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