Essay: What is Fashion

Essay: What is Fashion
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According to him, fashion is defined:

“continuing pattern of change in which certain social forms enjoy temporary acceptance and respectability only to be replaced by others more abreast of the times” (Blumer, 1968: 341-342).

Fashion is identified as a process which mirrors the collective taste of a number of people. Fashion is therefore a social process as defined by Blumer(1967), which results in fashion evolving. There are four dimensions of fashion as outlined by Blumer(1967) such as the fact that fashion experiences historical continuity:

, “new fashions are related to, and grow out of, their immediate predecessors” (1969: 283).

Fashion trend, modernity and lastly, the most significant which is collective taste.

“People thrown into areas of common interaction and having similar runs of experience” (Blumer, 1969:283).

Hence, different fashions represent different individual tastes which are accumulated under collective taste.

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