Essay: Fault Tolerance and Reliability of NTFS System

Essay: Fault Tolerance and Reliability of NTFS System
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Since NTFS has been designed for reliability and data security, there are numerous features included in NTFS which prevent the occurrence of errors which are commonly found in FAT based systems. To deal with the problems of interruption in the file I/O, resulting in lost clusters, NTFS implements transactional based file activity system. It does the activities in groups called transactions and maintains a log of every transaction that changes the data on the disk.

Using this log, it keeps tracks of which portions of the transaction are completed so in case a power failure occurs, it uses transaction recovery to complete the transaction and prevent any incomplete activity from happening. NTFS also keeps a record of the previous activities that result in the change of objects on the disk in the form of Change Journals. It also offers fault tolerance by supporting software RAID. In addition, the NTFS also have the capability to dynamically move the data from the bad sector and mark it. FAT32 file system offers this capability in the form of a Scandisk utility which needs to be run manually (Kozierok).

Forensic Implications

Forensic analysis of FAT32 file system reveals a very simplistic structure of data management which heavily relies on one giant structure. A good look at File Allocation Table will reveal a lot of information about the hierarchy of files and directory and how they are stored on the disk. Further details can be obtained from the directory structures that immediately succeed the file allocation table. The FAT32 file system offers not features for the security of information; therefore any data this is written on the disk is easily accessible and readable.

On the other hand, a deeper look at NTFS reveals a much more complex and sophisticated architecture for storage of data. The information about the files and directory is not concentrated in few structures, instead, it is distributed in a number of system files as well as a structure that work in tandem to achieve a stable and feature-rich file system. The added features of encryption provide additional protection to the data present on the disk and thus with encryption it is very difficult to access and analyze data (Zelkowitz).

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