Essay: Features of MS Office

Essay: Features of MS Office
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MS Office

The MS Office suite contains a range of application that satisfies the need of reports, letters, spreadsheets, presentations and a number of documents in an office environment. It contains 5 basic applications each of which contains number of functionality which makes it tremendously easy for the user of the application to perform tasks such as proofreading, document style setting,  creating tables and spreadsheets as well as making professional presentations. It also features a user-friendly interface from which all features can be accessed very easily (

The also contains separate applications which are used for work processing, spreadsheets creation, professional presentation creation as well as for creating charts and drawing. However, the features and functionality of each application are much less than that of its competitor in MS Office Suite. Its design has been kept simplistic to make it more user-friendly and because of the comparative lack of features in each application (

Google Apps

Each Application in Google Apps offers a lot of features for an online application. However, due to the obvious restriction that web applications face (such as security restrictions), Google Apps also has a number of features missing from its application. However, its tremendous feature of being accessible from anywhere in the world makes up for its shortcoming, and it is used tremendously by people on the move (Strickland).

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