Essay: Feminine Masquerade of Desire

Essay: Feminine Masquerade of Desire
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In the light of the two feminist critics we can say that Audition, a Japanese horror movie was designed to bring logic to an absolute opposing reaction to the content of the movie. But its development is rooted more in its quality to significantly cross its horrifying horrors with a terrifying topic of sexual politics. Women are usually the victims in the horror movies whether they are slashed with a knife, shot in the head, raped or mutilated—women’s deaths are encapsulated with the horrifying screams.

Most identifiable is their customary destiny in slasher films, wherein sexuality (in desire and practice) is chastised through bereavement, but it is a custom of control that extends far back into the horror composition of literature and movies. Theories of Doane and Clover do not have a firm standing, as this movie presents a third genre, where women are the pain givers; however, this can be related to Doane’ feminine masquerade of desire.

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