Essay: Feminist Conversion

Essay: Feminist Conversion
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I personally agree with Pollitt’s thesis underlined in “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls”.  She talks about the origin and consequence of why young men take the function of powerful and strong members of the society and the young women play the function of attractiveness and tenderness. Pollitt practically asserts that men and women’ qualities and behaviors are drawn from their taming in the society, and to aid there is no need to do investigations on mind body chemistry or actions. By observing the way we lift children, we can simply identify how unfinished the feminist conversion actually is.

Even though it may be factual, Pollitt states that it’s “the ideology of flexible and converging sex functions aligns our children’s future,” (p. 190) but she has not rather sustained or clarified this assertion very well. What Pollitt needs to clarify is precisely how and why supple and united sex functions are to fit our children’s future.

Before males took the function of being overridden because of hereditary personal power over women, but in the present scenario equality stands above the rest (Arundale, 1998). Nonetheless, men are still known to be ones who are more suited to combatant or unsafe tasks. On the other hand, women are more expected to be renowned for their attractiveness because of their god gifted physical formation.

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