Essay: Fernando Meirelles’ City of God

Essay: Fernando Meirelles’ City of God
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Peter Rainer was too harsh in his critique of the film City of God directed by Fernando Meirelles in 2002. This is based on a true story, initially penned down by author Paolo Lins and published in 1997. What Rainer writes is not of deep significance within the story, it’s rather simple – the good man is brutally wronged and turns to revenge. Every film has its good aspects and bad aspects. Except for the brutality and bloodshed, the film is a complete picture of inhumanity towards the human race in Brazil. We can clearly see that the main premise of the movie is based on a normal mentality of a human being.

Alike Ned, watching your girlfriend being gang-raped and you being fiercely beaten leaves you no choice but to seek revenge. And that is exactly what Ned does, but will this society accept him after he has committed a crime. Therefore, we even see that his innocent self-does do not accept the world of drugs and murder in the first place, but then he is left with no choice. This refutes Rainer’s statement where he says that the faces in the film are nothing but masks (Rainer, 2003). Moreover, stating this to be a horror movie is incorrect, as this movie reflects the horrors of life and not horrors of cinema.

The actors, on the other hand, were homeless, hungry children picked up from the streets of Brazil. There could not be a more realistic way of putting this film together as these actors acted out genuinely because they had been victims of these brutalities and societal deficiencies.

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