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The character Feste in one of Shakespeare’s noted novels ‘Twelfth Night’ is undoubtedly and important one and renders the novel incomplete if not there. There are many shades to this character from serious to comic, sensible to witty and all add value to the plot continually throughout the novel.

Feste is kind of a neutral character in the novel that doesn’t really side with anyone and looks at everyone and everything with the same eye. He examines the character deep and reveals new dimensions to them. The various song that he sings depict his observation and deep understanding of the various realities of life like love, death etc. At the same time, Feste is the character who apart from rendering the serious and deep touch to the novel brings about a light and comic element to it as well. His humorous sentences and puns are a delight to read.

Feste, as a character has also very recently conveyed that foolishness is a condition that is common to everyone, rich or poor, servant or king. It is this character that helps us understand the overall plot and other characters in a better manner. Not only this, but this only is the character that uncovers and gives a better understanding of characters to other characters in the play. For example, it is Feste who makes Olivia understand that her mourning over her brother’s death has been unrealistic as well as making a fool of the way Malvolio shows off everything.

Thus, Shakespeare through this character has very beautifully depicted an intelligent soul who not only has a remarkable wit and can make any situation funny but also has a deep and solemn side with a great observation and understanding of people, their emotions and the various shades of life in general.

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