Essay: The Festival of Maslenitsa

Essay: The Festival of Maslenitsa
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The two Blinis described above are served during the Russian festival of Maslenitsa also known the festival of the sun or more commonly as Blini week. This week long festival is a celebration of the coming spring at the end of winter. It is based on a pagan festival which takes place in the last week of February or the first week of March. Since it is celebrated one week before Lent this week is the last opportunity for orthodox Christians to partake in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. These ingredients as well as parties and music are not appropriate during the prayerful time a week later.

The Maslenitsa is the oldest surviving Russian holiday that dates back to the 2nd Century A.D. It is based on the Slavic “festival of the sun” which also celebrated the imminent end of winter. The Russian Blini is the traditional food served at this festival. This is done so due to the round shape and golden color of the Blinis which resemble the sun. The Blinis and consequently the sun were eaten in the name of the ancient and powerful God Volos. Since its inclusion into Christianity it is now celebrated as a carnival of sorts with Blinis as the centerpiece of the festival. Thus it is one of the worlds most enduring and celebrated festivals despite the influence of the orthodox Church and the dilution of its rituals over the centuries (Wilson 2008).

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