Essay: Filtering the Internet

Essay: Filtering the Internet
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Terrorism, Hate, and Hazardous Material

Internet used for Terrorism is currently one of the biggest concerns of the world. Since September 2001, it has been reported numerous times that terrorist organizations, like Al Qaeda, have used the Internet particularly websites to convey messages, organize activities, preach their message as well as recruitment. (Conway, 2007) If not controlled these activities could lead to a major terrorist attack on a populated place or a sensitive installation, which would be a massive compromise of national security. This threat has led many countries to block such content as they try to restrict the impact and activities of such terrorist groups.

A related issue of concern is that of availability of the material, on the Internet, which incites racism or contains information for making the hazardous material. Though blocked in some countries, it is a controversial issue in many other countries where champions of human right consider it freedom of speech, and though access to the hazardous material may pose a threat to the population at large, it is very important for some part of the population.

Pornography and Indecent Material

Another issue that has to lead many conservative countries to block of the Internet content is access to pornography or indecent websites. Though pornography is legal in some countries for adults, many countries in the world are worried about the impact of the exposure of sexually explicit and indecent material on its society, especially on children. In many conservative countries, the governments have imposed an outright ban on sexually explicit websites by content filtering because the display of sexual activities is outright banned due to their cultural norms and any such incident leads to a public outrage (Deitbert, Pelfrey, Rohozinski & Zittrain, 2008).

Copyright Protection and Piracy

Piracy and Copyright protection provides another reason to filter the Internet. Any website violating the copyright or promoting piracy may be blocked by any country in order to enforce intellectual copyright protection (Adhikari, 2009). Though an important driver of the Internet filtering especially in Western Europe and North America, it is not considered the main objective of filtering (Deitbert, Pelfrey, Rohozinski & Zittrain, 2008).

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