Essay: The Final Level of Capability Maturity Model

Essay: The Final Level of Capability Maturity Model
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The final Level is the “Optimized Level” which deals with a continued effort towards enhancing the future performance of the currently established processes by the implementation of any technological advancement (Paulk, Weber, Garcia, Chrissis, & Bush, 1993).

The implementation of the CMM at the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center allowed for the streamlining of various processes across their organizational structure and allowed the infrastructure of the company to establish a centralized command structure with a single direction and a decentralized center of operations. This allowed an increase in the operational efficiency of the company and ended scheduling difficulties in the delivery of their software from the period of August 2004 to January 2005. A study also showed a significant increase in the confidence level of completed projects within the company using the Mann-Whitney U test (Sapp, Stoddard, & Christian, 2010).

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