Essay: Findings and Analysis on Entrepreneurs

Essay: Findings and Analysis on Entrepreneurs
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One of the best examples of entrepreneurship is Bill Gates, who is presently the richest entrepreneur of the world. The life and skills of his, demonstrate the ability of taking risk with confidence. Bill is the co-founder and chair person of Microsoft. He is set to be the most successful entrepreneur since the company he is leading has shadowed its competitors. It can be analyzed by his life that an entrepreneur at initial stages should have a persuasive approach and superior communication skills (Ferriss, 2009).

Another successful example is the second richest person of the world, Warren Buffett. Once again risk taking is involved over here. Warren purchased the company named Berkshire Hathaway, a known company in the textile industry, when it was suffering consecutive losses. The purchase was criticized but Warren’s ambitions took it high again. Today, the company is once again, one of the largest holding companies, making Buffett one of the most successful entrepreneurs of today. He is famous for his biggest charity donation of about $30 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (Dipendalal, 2009).

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