Essay: Flow of Information at Club IT

Essay: Flow of Information at Club IT
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The sales department needs the product information as well as the quantity of stock present on the floor to request an item from the warehouse. The warehouse house keeps track of product information and stock that it has and need sales order information to request the purchase of stocks to Purchase department. The purchase department uses this information from the warehouse to place a purchase order to the vendor. It then needs a report on order cost and delivery charges to request a payment from accounts department.

The purchase order from the vendor is then passed on to the distributor who provides a delivery date to the purchase department for order tracking. It then passes the order info and delivery information to the supplier which delivers the order to the warehouse. Once the order arrives, the warehouse department needs the order information from purchase department to confirm order delivery and update its own stock. The purchase department then updates its tracking information and passes the information to accounts department which pays the vendor, distributor, and supplier. Once the stock is in the warehouse, it then sends the requested stock to the Sales department and updates its record. The Sales order updates its stock information when the order arrives.

Strategies for Information Collection

The inventory system will work by transfer of information between Sales, Warehouse, Purchase and Accounts department. Information also needs to be exchanged with vendors, distributors, and suppliers. For this inventory system, interviews and surveys will be conducted with people in the above-mentioned departments. Additional strategies such as observation of users and document analysis will be used to gather information which will help in informed decision making.

Project Lifecycle of ClubIT Inventory System

The system development life cycle of Inventory System for ClubIT will consist of several stages which are System Investigation, Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, Implementation, Operation, and Maintenance.

System Investigation

While doing system investigation, various feasibility studies will be carried out in order to judge the success of the system to be implemented. This would include the study of use of existing technology, technical, cost, and benefits that the new Inventory system would bring, acceptance of the new system in employees as well as changes it might do to the organizational hierarchy. The reports of these studies will be presented in front of the top management which will then decide whether to proceed with the project or not.


In this stage, information gathering would be carried out with the users of the current system, which would be used in specifying information requirements that the new Inventory system must satisfy.


After the analysis of the current system, a technical design will be specified using the information gathered in the previous stage.  This will consist of two parts. Logical System Design (what the system will do) and Physical System Design (how the system will perform its functions, including the physical requirements).

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