Essay: Foreign Policies of European Union

Essay: Foreign Policies of European Union
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The European Union is focused on gathering as many members so that it can rule over indirectly giving relieve and support in return. Every country has their criteria and regulations to maintain relationships with other countries. The foreign policies of European Union go differently here, proposing every other state under the same laws and regulations thus devising their own rules.

The European Union is playing a vital role in international matters since its policies are accepted. They can be determined as the best users of diplomacy. This diplomacy is powered by providing assistance and trade and is used to resolve disagreements and clashes.

This diplomacy provides them the resources of interference. They had no army earlier until they were provided with the donation of informal forces for mediation and charitable assignments. The European Union has created encounter troops that are on deputation constantly. (Europa, 2009)

It demonstrates that the European Union is trying to promote the communal aspect of globalization. The context of its policy consistency for growth and expansion assurances, the European Union is aimed towards the promotion of respectable efforts, as well as core employment standards and industry goals in the third world countries. The impact of European Union’s policies on emergent nations is however been limited. Adding to it, the capability to operate in the International Labor Organization has been restricted by susceptible proficiency matters.

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