Essay: Frankenstein and theme of ‘Abortion’

Essay: Frankenstein and theme of ‘Abortion’
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Doctor Frankenstein’s conception, an ugly creature not capable of incorporating itself in the human society, extends outside the main plot of the story to present an insight on a contentious subject such as abortion. In the story, Doctor Frankenstein discusses his judgment to confer life to such a frightening creature that will threaten the race of humans. This dilemma relates unswervingly to the pro-life against the pro-choice argument that prevails in the modern society.

The Doctor’s formation results in a wretched being continuously on the edge of killing himself because of the same humans who gave life to him. Although he was born unadulterated and sympathetic, the creature faces only abhorrence and aggression, which expel any wisdom from the monster’s mind. As a result, the monster hates the life he has been given.

This idea connects to the many pro-life decisions that allow sick or hereditarily changed fetuses to be born. Even though the fetus will be given a chance to embrace life and come into the world, he may always face hated and a miserable life due to the shortcomings in his existence. Nevertheless, the child may have a noble character like Frankenstein’s formation; a lack of acceptability in the society may radically influence a person for the bad. The life that Frankenstein’s creature had to live endorse the thought that such individual, excruciating adversities must be prohibited.

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