Essay: Freedom of Information on the Internet

Essay: Freedom of Information on the Internet
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Freedom of information or freedom of speech or expression with regards to the Internet refers to the right of an individual express oneself and access web content without any censorship or restriction. While not a major issue in the early days of the internet, it has become a major discussing point as both companies and government try to censor data. (Bowers)

An extension to freedom of speech on the internet is freedom of information that allows for expressing oneself with privacy. This means that anybody can discuss private issues anonymously on the Internet, such as about their health problems and marital life issues, which are generally not discussed in public. Furthermore, it also serves to raise the public awareness about these private issues and help in resolving them.

Freedom of Expression on the Internet also allows people to reach a much larger audience at a cheaper price compare to other forms of media such as TV and Newspapers. There are millions of blog maintained on the internet which people to express their feelings and thus let the outside world know of actual facts which might be censored by the government on other media. (Baase)

Though freedom of expression is the right of every individual, an issue of critical importance is his access of children to prohibited materials. Once of the negative point of the Internet is that the service provider cannot determine if the user if a minor or not. This has been further complicated by the issue that search engine has made access to information very easy, including pornography, information related to hazardous materials such as explosive making and materials which promote racism.  These can even come in the form of emails.

Another negative aspect of Freedom to express oneself on the internet is Spam or Unsolicited Emails. While anybody cannot be stopped from emailing any individual because there is freedom to impart information on the Internet, it is not necessary that the recipient wants that email. Marketing companies and scammers exploit this freedom and use email as a tool to send out an email to a large number of the recipient in order to promote their products or scam people. It is because of this reason that a large number of emails generated today are Spam. And the only way to deal with such emails is by filtering them. Though filters have improved a lot since they were invented, they are still not perfect, hence only filter a portion of what is required. (Baase)

By expressing myself without any hesitation, I feel much more comfortable with my feelings and it also allows me to give a second thought to my ideas based on the responses that I get by sharing them. On the other hand, to avoid spam, I try not to give out my email address to sites that I don’t trust and read the terms and condition carefully when I give it out, ensuring that it is only used for the purpose I give it for.

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