Essay: Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Arnold

Essay: Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Arnold
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Arnold was a good friend of Lincoln and knew him for many years, through his private and public life. Arnold was intent on writing Lincoln’s biography so he collected material from contacting his friends and workers, though he was aware of many facts related to Lincoln’s life. This Biography admires Lincoln as a great politician, emancipator, a good and kind hearted human being who could not see the sufferings of the people whether black or white. Arnold also writes that Lincoln was religious and usually discussed religious matters with him and was a staunch believer of the Christian religion, Arnold has written a great book on Lincoln as he had the most knowledge and material information concerning Lincoln’s life.

People of all walks of life refer to this biography for information of Lincoln’s life. Arnold knew Lincoln very well as probably no one else did, Arnold wrote this interesting book of historic value, he took lots of pain to get the right facts about Lincoln as he wanted to write perfectly correct facts which were in his memory and personal knowledge, and he wanted to quote true history with accuracy. Lincoln was troubled by the casualties of war and was depressed by the increased responsibilities so he started reading books of humor and jokes to relax himself, when he was very troubled he even started to read the Bible for peace of mind and often used to try finding reasons for wars that were going on, Lincoln started to believe that the wars and troubles are the results of the sins of slavery committed by the Americans. In July 1863 .Lee’s army was defeated in the second invasion of the North, at the Gettysburg battle in Pennsylvania; Lincoln called on the nation to help complete the difficult task of dedication of a cemetery to the many men who laid their lives for the country with full devotion. The war entered its final turn in September 1864 when General U.S.

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