Essay: Full Analysis of Costco Wholesale

Essay: Full Analysis of Costco Wholesale
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Costco Company is one of the largest warehousing companies catering its members with a broad range of consumer product line. The company attracts its customers majorly by means of a membership program featuring a comparatively low pricing tactic and offering various merchandise that include household appliances, auto products, baby care items, bed and bath accessories, electronics, food and wine, furnishing accessories, health goods, jewelry, electronic media and games for every age (Costco Wholesale).

The company has been following this plan of lowered pricing since the beginning which plays a vital role in increasing the membership at large. The membership program offered by Costco is categorized for customers. Business memberships can be availed at an annual charge of $50 limited for licensed businesses, farmer, NGOs, government authorities, and ranchers specifically. Gold Star membership is for people who are unable to fulfill the requirements for business memberships. Executive memberships can be availed at an additional cost of $50 for both memberships mentioned earlier (Costco Wholesale).

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