Essay: The function of the mentor

Essay: The function of the mentor
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The function of the mentor is very resolute by the reason of the mentoring connection. Clutterbuck (2001) proposes four mentoring roles including “Coaching, Guarding,  Networking, Counseling” (Clutterbuck, 2001)

Quite a lot of mentoring forms exist today. Some agree merely on an individual basis, other ones manage assembly, group, or gaze mentoring. There are also programs that employ the use of Internet as an entail for mentor and protégé to unite. Diverse program forms alter in the grade of danger and therefore, the grade of needed administration. For demonstration, a program in which volunteers have unsupervised communicate with mentees need more teaching and screening than those that only have mentors and mentees rendezvous under unchanging supervision.

Historically, mentoring has been an individualistic approach, most often casual and shapeless. Modern mentoring takes a lot of shapes and though informal cum casual mentoring frequently takes place logically and impulsively, more planned approaches or models are coming up. These include:

  • “Informal – dialogue that occurs by possibility or by placement
  • Formal – connections in an organized program
  • Peer mentoring – to team workers coach one another
  • Reverse-mentoring – bosses mentored by non-executives
  • Cascading mentoring – each grade of an association mentor those underneath
  • Group mentoring – one mentor encounters with other mentors
  • Mentoring round-tables – gases combine in an assembly mentoring dialogue
    • Mentoring rounds – helped assembly, each individual mentors one individual and is mentored by another

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