Essay: Fundamentals of Information Systems

Essay: Fundamentals of Information Systems
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A computer works by storing and processing data that is given to it as input and gives out the result as output. For this a number of input and output devices are used. For computer work efficiently, the data that is put through to the computer needs to be accurate. In order to for input data to be accurate, different types of input devices provide the best solution in different situations.

For example, if we consider the situation of inputting data from a printed questionnaire, an Optical Mark Recognizer would best serve the purpose as it is able to detect the marks placed by the participants on the paper and hence would greatly assist in calculating scored. For Telephony Survey, data can be inputted through voice recognizers attached to the telephony device, as this would allow a direct data input. In order to read data from bank checks, Magnetic Ink Recognizer is the best method as it allows printed magnetic character to be read from the checks for processing. For retail tags, the bar code scanner is the most widely used input device, as it uses later and a sensor to quickly read the printed barcode into the computer, providing a swift way of inputting data from real world into the computers while long documents can be inputted into the computer through the use of scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Through this way all the data that is present on the document can be inputted into computer without much hassle (Chauhan, Saxena, & Gupta, 2006).

In a similar way, data can be outputted through a number of means which depends upon the situation in which the data needs to be extracted from computer. For example, incase of a handheld computer, the best method for outputting data would be the computer screen it would allow the user to see the data and manipulate it without much hassle. For color photographs, the best way to output data to a physical form is a color printer, which allows for color photographs to be printed on a paper in a convenient way. If the photograph needs to be viewed only, the computer display offers a cheap and convenient way to view the photographs. In order to output resume, printer will be the best choice, as it would allow you to carry printed copies of the resume anywhere. For statistical and annual reports, presentations would be the best way to output data, as in this way the reports can be summarizes and important facts highlighted. While the memorandum can be output to its destination through email as it is economical, quick and can convey the message of the memorandum equally as any other from of output (Chauhan, Saxena, & Gupta, 2006).

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