Essay: Future Combat System

Essay: Future Combat System
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The US Army is currently in transition mode to transform itself into a force which would be well capable of dealing with the future threats resulting from the use of advanced technologies by rogue elements. This transformation called the Future Combat Systems (FCS) sets the road map for a modified technological structure which include terrestrial networks to support mounted as well as dismounted troops; a airborne network unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and fixed winged aircrafts at various altitudes and network of space satellites.

It is envisioned to be a system-of-systems consisting of multi-function vehicles operating in harmony, Ad-hoc communication networks which would be capable of transmitting data and information in real-time. The basic unit of deployment in FCS will be a Unit of Action which will compose of combined arms detachments along with an aviation detachment, a forward support battalion, a non-line-of-sight battalion and a brigade intelligence company which would provide network management and signaling functions. However, the use of networks and communication technologies would tremendously increase the demand of bandwidth as the traffic travelling in these network would include data from a number of sources such as voices, situational awareness sensors, ground robotics control and sensors, UAV intelligence information as well as firing data. This would mean that challenges would be introduced in all networks that would make up the Future Combat Systems (Joe & III, 2004).

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