Essay: Generational Curses and the believers of God

Essay: Generational Curses and the believers of God
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What would occur in an idolatrous family where one individual concludes to reside for God?  Would this new believer still be subject to bear the outcome of the sins of their fathers? Would they still be subject to family curses?  Deuteronomy 30:19, 20 states otherwise. We are granted the right of alternative between the good thing or the curse, life or death. Then we are instructed to “choose life in alignment that you may reside, you and your descendants.” In other phrases, if somebody in the generational line concludes to select life and good thing, the generational curse and death will not be perpetuated. The “buck” halts right then! That is what you should accept as factual and proceed upon. Do not accept as factual that some generational curse has arrived on you because the penalties of the “sins of your fathers” have arrived upon you. Do not bow down to the incorrect understanding of some that espouse this error. Believe this Word from God in Deuteronomy 30:19, 20. (Basham, 1972)

The generational curse is on those families that extend in the sins of their fathers according to these scriptures, not on those that repent and assist God. The generational curse does not, and should not; arrive on those that assist God. It would be a violation of the covenant for God to need the individual that serves God to bear the penalties of the sins of the generations before them. The curses are for the disobedient, rebellious, and the hard hearted, not for the believer and follower of God. Please read Deuteronomy 28 and read that verses 1-14 notifies you the blessings are for the obedient and verse 15 & ff. notifies you that the curses will arrive on the disobedient to God’s commandments.

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