Essay: Generational Sins

Essay: Generational Sins
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With what we have observed from this study of the Scriptures, it will not be tough to understand the mistake of current teachings on generational curses. They constantly mention that putting one’s belief in Christ solely does not ruin these courses. Something more is necessary. It is this “something more” that refutes everything that Bible states about the issue and makes these teachings dangerous. All the past and present communities were alike in that they asserted “something more” (in the one case works, and in the other exceptional information and devout experiences) had to be supplemented to the completed work of Christ for Christians to have fullness or to be satisfying to God.

Modern untrue educators encourage the identical errors. To mention, Neil Anderson educates, established on the Exodus 20:4-5, that demons are passed from lifetime to lifetime and that these demons have ground in the inhabits of Christians because of generational sins. To get the curse of these demonic strongholds out of their inhabits, Christians allegedly need to find out what they are, to shatter them, use utterances or prayers and need counselors with exceptional information of these things if they are critical cases. The expressions that are to be recurring are abounding on all sides.” (Anderson, et al, 2001)

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