Essay: Generational/Ancestral Curses

Essay: Generational/Ancestral Curses
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Central to the ministry of ‘healing and deliverance’ is what is understood as a generational/ancestral curse and how this is identified in the Christian context. From a contemporary Pentecostals viewpoint, systems of traditional shrine slavery serve as examples of traditional institutions that perpetuate the phenomenon of ‘generational/ancestral curses’ within particular families.

The Pentecostal concept of ‘ancestral curse’ is underpinned by the belief that the consequences of certain sins committed by a person’s family whether dead or alive are recurrent in their family lines. Curses, it is believed, arise from certain sinful acts including, as we have noted, participation in traditional religious rituals and negative pronunciations made against people. The effects of such sins and curses are, according to ‘healing and deliverance’ discourses, to be seen in the prevalence of such negative occurrences as chronic and hereditary diseases, emotional excesses and allergies, frequent miscarriages and deaths, suicidal tendencies, and persistent poverty within a person’s family. Also included in afflictions dealt with under the rubric of generational/ancestral curses are persisting emotional difficulties and phobias, physical disabilities, and what has now come to be known in the West as ‘alternative sexuality lifestyles’.

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