Essay: Global Anti-Terrorist Alliance

Essay: Global Anti-Terrorist Alliance
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The American and the global anti-terrorist alliance are strong-minded to do all they can to trail down the executors of the Sept. 11 attacks and bring justice to the system. As Bush explored his many political, monetary and army options, though, he must bear in mind that his pronouncements today, as happened with those of Reagan in 1985 will have never ending consequences (Dehghanpisheh, 2002).

Keeping the lessons from fresh Afghanistan accounts, Bush and his teams desire to aspire not only for justice in the direct result of the attacks but also for a wider explanation to the problem of Afghanistan as an unsuccessful state.

Despite assertions made by some in authority, the war in Afghanistan is not even close to being over actually the trouble is rising. All these years after 9/11, the Taliban carry on to reform, assault, and maintain their authority over most of the region in Afghanistan.

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