Essay: Global Spread of Swine Flu and people

Essay: Global Spread of Swine Flu and people
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According to World Health Organization (2009) there have been more than 414900 definite cases around the globe consisting of nearly 5000 deaths due to this H1N1 swine flu. The update fetched on 17th October 2009 demonstrates the recent movement of the virus in other parts of the world like Trinidad, Tobago, Iceland, Sudan, Mongolia, Rwanda and Sao Tome, and Principe.

The cumulative table (see Figure 1) shows the complete range of affected patients and deaths region wise. Most of the cases are seen in the American region as well death toll is significantly higher than other areas. Many countries have closed the count of individual case that bear illness of a less risky level, the count has decreased than the exact number of patients that have occurred. On the other hand, the tropical areas of the world have shown relative decrease in the pandemic related activity and the rate of illness there is lowering down. Asia reports to have a decrease in the rates of H1N1 virus infections also. The temperate region has no impacts of the deadly virus in the past week also (WHO, 2009).

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