Essay: When does global warming happen

Essay: When does global warming happen
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Global Warming refers to an increment in the average temperatures of the earth’s atmosphere. It happens when the long wavelengths of the sun that are reflected in to the outer space by the earth are trapped in to the atmosphere (Gore, pp. 36-42). This increase in the earth’s temperature has been associated with the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations that have formed a ‘blanket’ in the atmosphere and increasingly reflect the long wave length rays back to the surface of the earth.

Other factors that contribute to global warming encompass volcanic activities and variations in solar. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts that the earth’s temperature will increase from one to 6 degrees centigrade by the year 2100 (Dow & Downing, pp. 78-96). The increase in temperatures has had various effects that include climate change and extreme weather conditions, significant rise in the sea level, changes in rainfall patterns and severe storms and droughts amongst others. To this end, it can not be disputed that the sea is rising as several coastal towns have experienced flooding in the recent past (Braasch, p.56); a study undertaken shows that the summers are increasingly growing hotter and the winters colder and farmers who depend on rain fed Agriculture are finding it hard to predict weather conditions (Green, p. 36).

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