Essay: Globalization of Dubai

Essay: Globalization of Dubai
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  1. The game of golf and tennis also increased the worth of this place when grand slam tournaments featuring celebrity sportsmen like Roger Federer and Tiger woods were hosted by the nation.

2. Moreover, Dubai offers a wide range of variety of work and job opportunities. The availability of low-waged workers plays a vital character in this scene. The foreign population is said to be more than the local population. Ratios of 12.5 to 1 and 5 to 1 are recorded upon surveys and analysis. The population includes native of Iran, India, Pakistan and Lebanese candidates.

3. To top the cake, Dubai has an employment growth of up to 8.3 percent per year though the population growth is 5.3 percent year, thus recognizing the employment opportunity that overcomes the population rate.

(The National Media Council) (Salle)

The globalization of Dubai has surpassed the notion of a small village by a long margin and has constructed the platform for global corporate giants to expand there business in the home region as well tempting international investments and business collaborations worldwide.

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