Essay: Globalization in Dubai

Essay: Globalization in Dubai
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Since a long period of time, Dubai is quite determined to globalize UAE by modern innovation that involves art, finance, technology, secular outlook and western inspired traditions. Dubai is famously known for its devotion towards tourism and international business. The most evident technique to conquer the global economy is through attracting tourism and business to the city. The following is a list of facts that reflects globalization in the region.

  1. The ‘Burj-ul Arab’ Tower is likely to be the only 7 star hotel existing on the face of the earth, symbolizing Dubai in the international market.  More to this, is the present on-going project namely ‘The Palm Jumeirah’ which embodies the largest manmade island bearing all the luxuries and basic facilities of life. Reports count the estimated cost over 1.5 billion US dollars for this project. (Jhorowit)
  2. Another aspect that endures the process of globalization is hosting international sports locally. The Dubai’s ‘Nad-al-Shaeba’ race course held the world’s richest race with announcing the award of 6 million US dollars for the winner.

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