Essay: Go’s annual report

Essay: Go’s annual report
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In the Go’s fleet, their aircraft had an average age of 8 years and were flying from its bases mostly from primary airports i.e. East Midlands Airport, Bristol International Airport etc. The table below shows the audited consolidated revenue, operating profit, profit before tax and profit after tax of Go for the years of 2000,2001 and 2002 which was published in Go’s annual report;-

Year ended 31 March

Revenue (£ million) Operating profit/(loss) Profit/(loss) before tax
2000 100.6 (23.1) (15.2)
2001 159.7 1.8 14.0 2.7
2002 233.7 10.2 4.2 9.8



(Source-EasyJet website-2002)

EasyJet’s Rational and Motive behind the Acquisition of GO

In this section of the report I will look into the rationale and motive of EasyJet Acquisition of Go, as according to Johnson and Scholes (2008) an acquisition is when “an organisation takes ownership of another organisation”, on the point of view the motive for mergers and acquisitions model, which entails that they are different motives for developing an acquisition or merger. These include reasons to keep up with a changing environment, capability considerations or stakeholder expectations.

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